Transitioning from Urban to Rural Farming

Reclaims Organics, a farm certified to produce organic herbs and vegetables, is owned by Ryan Mason. In his 20s, Ryan spent most of his time visiting many countries to learn more about food and agriculture. He shares his experience in running a farm in a rural area. He said that if you want to expand your farm in a rural […]

World Soil Day Every Day

Every year, World Soil Day is celebrated to concentrate on how crucial healthy soil is and support sustainability efforts of soil resources. The focus of the celebration this year is to save the future by stopping soil erosion. Can Stopping Soil Erosion Make a Better Future? Now, it is estimated that soil erosion occurs in a land similar to the […]

Organic Organizations in Canada

Federal Government Organizations 1. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) This federal government division is responsible for working with food producers and farmers. They aim to develop and grow the sector of agriculture and agri-food by researching, creating policy developments and program execution, and using technological advancements. 2. Organics Value Chain Roundtable (OVCRT) OVCRT is a task force under AAFC. They […]

Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Its Environmental, Social, and Economic Benefits

Food and agriculture have a very large impact. The United Nations reported that agriculture, including livestock, aquaculture, and irrigation, makes up over 60% of the water taken out in the world every year. The natural source for food is decreasing because of overfishing, irresponsible use of water, poor soil fertility, land degradation, and marine environment deprivation. The present condition of […]

Ways to Know If Your Food or Drink Is Organic

You can start by checking for the certification identification of the product. For instance, you should see that it is certified organic or has the Canada organic logo. Some certified organic items passed a rigid certification to guarantee that they follow the Canadian Organic Standards. These standards are regulated by CFIA or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. You can complain […]

No-Till Organic Culture As a Climate Solution

Jenny Berkenbosch and James Vriend manage Sundog Organic Farm. This 14-acre farm is certified for producing organic herbs and vegetables. They offer many greenhouse and field-grown herbs and vegetables to customers in the Farm Share program during summer and fall and at the Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton. They launched Sundog Organic Farm in 2009 by starting a booth at […]

Why Invest in Solar Power for Our Future

When my husband and I started dating 10 years ago, he already discussed to his parents his interest in having their family farm. Now, we are married and have started our lifelong journey together in managing their farm. We milk about 90 cows with about 150 young stock. Moreover, we also take care of a small herd of beef. We […]