Providing Assistance to Organic Farmers

It was announced today that an investment of more than $640,000 would be granted to COG or Canadian Organic Growers so that more Canadians will purchase organic products made locally by organic farmers in Canada.

This was announced during Canada’s National Organic Week at Chelsea Market. This yearly event is made to show and make organic food farming and products known in many parts of Canada. There is a continuous rise in the demand for organic foods in Canada. There are a lot of hardworking organic food manufacturers in different parts of the country. Nevertheless, a large portion of this demand is fulfilled by importing products.

COG can create a strategy with this investment to find out and think of solutions to make organic farming in Canada better. They want organic producers in Canada to discover how they can impact the economy. They also want producers to see that more Canadians can purchase organic food that is produced locally.

An independent national advisory organization from various industries will check and evaluate the recommended strategies. They will publish a final report that explores opportunities for investment that can satisfy the demands in the country. They will also determine suggestions on how to maximize these opportunities. Therefore, this report can be used to quantify the environmental and economic advantages of expanding organic production in Canada.

According to Marie-Claude Bibeau, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, she said that there is a rapid increase in the demand for organic food. They want to make sure that all producers in Canada can benefit from this growing demand. She added that the government concentrates on providing opportunities for the food supply to be sustainable and self-sufficient. She believes that the investment made in COG can benefit the organic sector and help achieve this.

William Amos, a member of Parliament for Pontiac, shared that organic growers in Canada have the reason to be happy. That is because fresh organic foods are becoming more and more popular locally and in different parts of the country. He believes that the investment strategy will produce new opportunities for the organic industry.

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