54 Farms to Grow Eastern Ontario Organically

Our GEO-O or Growing Eastern Ontario Organically has collaborated with farmers to help them transition to organic production for 3 years. This program provides business and agriculture consultations, mentorships, and opportunities to network. We also hold workshops, events, and webinars. We also give exclusive access to special resources and assist farmers who want to obtain organic certification.

Our team has also made vivid, regenerative organic farm business landscapes in Eastern Ontario through a learning-centered method. Our connection opportunities are unique, and the support we provide from our programs is quality.

You can meet new and seasoned farmers and have a lasting relationship with them. Receiving support from an expert on managing your crop and soil’s health is also possible. You can also seek help creating your business plan and navigating accounting programs from a business consultant.

Some also mentioned that GEO-O helped them concentrate on things that matter. They said that they got in the right direction when soil samples were sent to them. GEO-O helped them understand the system, explained about the samples, and assisted them in making improvements. The provided information is not always seen in books.

Our GEO-O staff is assisting 54 farms in converting into organic farming this year. We will work with 8,355 acres of land in Eastern Ontario to be organic. We take a lot of pride in the achievements of our team. These achievements have helped the organic campaign directly by strengthening communities through food security, climate resiliency, and more biodiversity.

We are looking forward to expanding our program to other areas in the future.

You can reach out to us if you reside outside Eastern Ontario and want to learn more about it. This will help us realize the growth of our program.

You can also contact us if you are a farmer located in Eastern Ontario and interested in participating in our program. Our program still welcomes farms for the growing season this year. We will be more than happy to have you in our little organic farming family.

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