How Organic Standards Can Provide Safe Shelter for Animals

When organic standards were made, the welfare of animals was considered. However, most people think that something more can still be done for animal welfare measures. Organic Standards continuously improve and are active. They are made to ease the methods of getting certified and not to require the best practices in organic farming.
The Animal Welfare Task Force was established in 2005 by the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. It was made to spread the latest updates and…

Organic Organizations in Canada

Federal Government Organizations
1. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
This federal government division is responsible for working with food producers and farmers. They aim to develop and grow the sector of agriculture and agri-food by researching, creating policy developments and program execution, and using technological advancements.
2. Organics Value Chain Roundtable (OVCRT)
OVCRT is a task force under AAFC…

Ways to Know If Your Food or Drink Is Organic

You can start by checking for the certification identification of the product. For instance, you should see that it is certified organic or has the Canada organic logo.
Some certified organic items passed a rigid certification to guarantee that they follow the Canadian Organic Standards. These standards are regulated by CFIA or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. You can complain to this agency’s national or regional offices if you are doubtful of a product’s organic certification.