Why Invest in Solar Power for Our Future

When my husband and I started dating 10 years ago, he already discussed to his parents his interest in having their family farm. Now, we are married and have started our lifelong journey together in managing their farm.

We milk about 90 cows with about 150 young stock. Moreover, we also take care of a small herd of beef. We harvest feed from 4 quarter-parts of our land. We have 4 children who want to help. However, they are still too young to do that. It can be challenging to manage family and farm time. Since we do everything ourselves, we have to find the right balance in doing daily work.

Because of this, we decided to do some improvements for better operation and efficiency. One of these is investing in solar power. We did it because the energy needed to operate the farm every day can be hefty.

In 3 years, solar energy has been helpful to us. We have not experienced any problems in using it or its system. If there is a power outage, we are still a little affected. We are still far from seeing our savings because of our other expenses, but we are positive about it.

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