Ways to Know If Your Food or Drink Is Organic

You can start by checking for the certification identification of the product. For instance, you should see that it is certified organic or has the Canada organic logo.

Some certified organic items passed a rigid certification to guarantee that they follow the Canadian Organic Standards. These standards are regulated by CFIA or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. You can complain to this agency’s national or regional offices if you are doubtful of a product’s organic certification.

You can inquire about the manufacturer or producer of the product if you cannot determine whether it is organic or not. For instance, asking the vendor at a Farmer’s Market is possible if you are buying food there. Certified organic producers will be happy when you reach out to them since they appreciate you taking an interest in organic food and sharing how the process of making organic food.

It is also good to know that organic operations go through a yearly inspection to make sure that they follow the Canadian Organic Standards.

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